2020 Project

Access and Welcome

Following the work done at the Sowing the Seed days, a Building Vision group was formed to carry forward plans to improve the welcome at Christ Church and to improve access for members (and potential members) of the congregation who face challenges due to the layout of the building. In addition to this, the PCC felt that the Parish Centre was well overdue a programme of refurbishment.

To address all of these issues, the Building Vision group has worked hard to develop plans which meet and exceed all of these goals, providing an uplifting and inspirational space in which we can gather. The PCC has supported this effort by authorising the necessary expenditure based on detailed plans and by carrying out the required surveys to establish the feasibility of the project.

Unfortunately the pandemic of 2020 impacted the plans somewhat, however this project has managed to proceed with the following successes.

Christ Church 2020 Vision Stage 1 – Parish Centre Toilet Refurbishment

The scheme to refurbish the toilets was carefully thought out with input from members of the congregation, wheelchair users and Dementia Forward. They have been transformed into facilities which are clean, bright, easy to maintain and user friendly.

Christ Church 2020 Vision Stage 2 – Church Accessibility

This phase was to address wheelchair accessibility to the church. There are now wheelchair accessible pews at the front of the church so there is a dedicated space for wheelchair users, their friends and family.

A additional ramp at the front of the church now means that wheelchair users can access the alter.

Christ Church 2020 Vision Stage 3

The next phase to improve access and welcome to Christ Church are being considered.